Agreement & Statute

Agreement of the Churches of the Reformation in Europe (Leuenberg Agreement)

Over thirty years ago, between March 12 and 16, 1973, the definitive text of the Agreement of the Churches of the Reformation in Europe (Leuenberg Agreement = LA) was established upon the Leuenberg near Basle and handed over to the participating churches. The Agreement made possible church fellowship between the Lutheran and Reformed Churches and the Union Churches, the Waldensian Church and the Church of the Czech Brethren. Here you can view and download the text of the Leuenberg Agreement.

Download the Leuenberg Agreement

Statute of the CPCE

The General Assembly has resolved on a statute in order to fix in written form the legal status quo of the CPCE and to facilitate future possibilities for legal development of the CPCE. This describes the nature, foundation, legal status and organs of the CPCE and contains information about its office, the General Secretariat and budget.

Download the statute

Guidelines on the Establishment of Membership in the CPCE

The Statute made it necessary to rearrange the procedure for joining the CPCE. In February 2011 the CPCE Council therefore approved new guidelines on the basis of membership.

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40 years Leuenberg Agreement

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